Where it all began


Area rugs have been popular since the first cave men placed a saber-tooth tiger’s skin at the cave entrance to ward off predators. Flash forward to the Dark Ages all the way to the Renaissance, area rugs came of age as castle dwellers used them for decoration, sound reduction and thermal insulation; helping warm the stone cold floors. Woven rugs crafted during these periods are worth millions today.

Rugs sold today hold an unusual investment potential. This is due to the fact that they continue to increase in value as they age. Rugs as young as fifty years old are worth a thousandfold their original market price, these rugs are an exception to the principle that an item must be at least a hundred years old to be considered an antique.

Backed up by historical facts, rugs have always been considered a valuable asset. In buying area rugs, consider the rug as being more than simply a floor covering. It should be considered an investment purchase that increases in value as time passes. When one decorates with area rugs, consider purchasing your area rugs first and use that as the centerpiece in your vision.